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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Clean Eating starts with a Clean Heart

The desire to be clean is from God. He created clean eating, thinking and clean living. It is all His.

Why do I desire to be clean: I want to be clean so I can honor my body and fuel it with pure foods. So that I can honor God with my life. So that I have the energy to do His work, to be the light. So that I can treat my body the way God says it deserves to be treated. I eat a lot of processed foods. I love pizza...like an eat it 3 times a week type of love for pizza. I'm a huge packaged cheese eater, a granola bar muncher, a veggie straw lunch packer and a canned soup fanatic. I'm flawed. Big time. BUT GOD comes in right here and stretches His hand out towards me (and you) and says He can show us how to do this whole clean eating thing His way. The good news is anything is possible with the Lord. Anything. And He doesn't want us praying big prayers with a heart that truly believes He wouldn't accomplish such big changes in our lives. "Yeah, God can do that but I don't think He would do it for me." Right? Wrong. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

You're Blessed When You're At The End Of Your Rope

Backbending in Peru
      Tonight was my second yoga class. The difference between last week and this week to me was huge. Last week my palms were sweaty, I paced around the house frantically before leaving and I had no clue what to expect. God showed me that everything would be alright, though. This is His plan, after all. He chose me for His plan and my job is to just follow his lead, to let go and let Him take over. This week I didn't even plan my class until the day before and didn't practice it until an hour before. I knew it would be okay without fussing over it for days. I wasn't nervous at all and was excited to teach. I decided to share another passage that is very close to my heart:

All the Glory is His: My first Holy Yoga Class

Me in Peru 
     Before my first yoga class last week I had no idea how many people to expect or what it will be like. I had a plan, though. My plan was to walk in there, let the Spirit take over and follow where He leads me. Seemed like a solid plan to me. The only problem is that I'm a recovering perfectionist. I like to plan ahead. So, I prayed that God will lead me and what to speak about and how to lead a group of people in worshiping Him with their mind, body and souls. It seemed the best place to start was with myself. So, I shared my story. I was vulnerable and transparent in front of a group of people I hardly know at all. The more broken pieces I'm in the better His light can shine through, right?  

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I Write Because I'm Free

    I love writing but hate hand cramps. I am much faster at typing but typing seems so much less intimate. Hand writing allows you to slow down and enjoy every work, the old-time feel of writing letters that are permanently engraved onto a fresh, unused page of journal paper. A journal that is all yours where you can say anything you'd like without fear of judgment. A place to return to and reflect upon your past and see how much you have grown. There are a lot of reasons I choose not to journal, though. 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

DIY Bridesmaid Proposal Gift Bag

Alec and I have been engaged since June 10th of last year and time has flown by so quickly since then. You can read more about how Alec proposed to me here
We agreed to wait until the summer of 2016 to tie the knot so that I could focus on finishing nursing school and taking the NCLEX. As the last few weeks of college were wrapping up, I decided to do a little crafting. I made gift bags asking my girls if they would be in my wedding. This is a great and inexpensive way to "propose" to the ladies that you want to have by your side on your wedding day.

If you want to make one of your own or pin this for when you tie the knot...here is how:

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Re-Connecting to What Brings Me Joy

I've taken a break from blogging. I fell away from it one day in an all of the sudden type of way. I felt like it became more of a chore than anything and that not many people were looking at it, so I stepped back. A lot has happend this year and I've grown a lot in some areas and have fallen away from what I used to love in some other aspects of my life. So, Here I am. I dyed my hair blonde because I needed a change (and blondes have more fun, right?) I'm 5 weeks away from graduating from college. I'm planning a wedding. And now I'm writing again in an attempt to re-connect with what I used to find happiness in. 

Does this ever happen to you? Something stops making you happy, so you let it go only to find yourself missing it down the road? 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Homemade Zucchini Bread

We have been getting lots of squash so far this summer from our CSA. Actually, it probably isn't "lots" to most people, but for a home that houses only two members and a chubby cat, one of which eats squash, we have been getting a lot of squash. I've been trying to eat it as fast as I can, but this week I had to get creative.  I've done roasted squash in stir fry, squash on my chicken vegetable skewers and have some more to use up fast. So, zucchini bread, it was.
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