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Monday, March 14, 2011

Button Rings & Owl Pillows.

Today, I made these cute little button rings! They take about two minutes each to make. I love the simplicity of them and how you have the freedom to combine colors and sizes. All you do is wrap the wire around something the size of your finger about three times , I used a giant wooden knitting needle, and then put the buttons in the left over wire, trim the wire, and curl the ends in however you want. I literally only had about 4 buttons left in my button bag. Like I said, i really need to go button shopping but, Its not exactly yard sale season yet and I'm too cheap to go to Jo Ann's since my budget is nonexistent. I just adore these and how simple they are to make. I plan to make more in the future. It is a good project for sitting in the car or waiting at the doctor's office. 
  I also finished this owl pillow, finally. I had the front and the back cut out and sitting on my sewing machine for almost two weeks. I had just enough time today to finish cutting the pieces and put it all together. Once again, this is made completely out of recycled sweaters. I really like the little flower detail on the front of it. I wish I could have used bigger non-matching buttons for the eyes but I'm out of button choices. This was another quick and easy project, though. I am almost out of stuffing for pillows, too. This means that I need to go shopping before I start making more pillows and pin cushions.  At least my first owl pillow has a friend now. I don't know if I am ready to experiment with making other animals out of recycled sweaters yet. I feel sort of attached to the little owls and they are so unique. I can't even think of which animal I might make if I decide to expand my pillow animal horizons....maybe a little pig or a cow. If I make a cow I imagine I'd make it out of browns and greens. It would be a little patch work cow. I'm not a big fan of classic blacks and whites. I really love how the colors of the owls tie in with the shades of my bed...and even my painting. That quilt at the end of my bed was my first quilt. I recently made the matching pillow case to go with it. The owl pillow has almost the exact same shades as the throw pillow on the right...which was completely unplanned. Maybe I should experiment with more colors, too. Then again, I'm practically in love with these natural hues.

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