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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Incredibly Busy

I haven't posted in so long because I've been insanely busy and my internet was down for the past week. We had to wait for a new router to come in the mail. I finally finished my incense holder that I've been working on. Here is the sketch for it; it turned out differently than I first imagined. This is usually how I work though and I like it better that way. If i change the plan constantly and make creative decisions along the way I usually end up happier with my final result than with my original idea.The assignment for my sculpture class was to create a piece inspired by the animal kingdom. This is where the tentacles came into play. I started taking belly dancing classes with my mom and that is what inspired the Indian style pose. 

     I am really happy with the results, especially the colors of the tentacles. I'm not as happy with the facial expression, though. I also decided it would be better with the incense through the hands instead of the stomach but, next time I need to remember to make sure that the hole is angled upwards.
My mom wants me to make her one except she wants hers to be an elephant. I might make it if I have time before school ends. I have been trying to create practical sculpture pieces instead of just trinkets and paper weights. I'm in the process of making a jewelry holder out of a hand mold of my hands together. This weekend was my first weekend of the Block Swapper's Club swap and now I get to start working on my next 12 blocks! This coming week I have a lot to do academically but, I'd like to get some quilting done and finish my next owl pillow. We'll see what this week's schedule holds. Keep creating!

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