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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Somebody's Trash is my New Ring.

 This is proof that the snow is gone and Spring is on its way. Soon enough this garden will be filled with more than just metal fork handle flowers. It is so refreshing to see the grass again and I cannot wait for the flowers and leaves to start blooming.

 This was how my button looked when I found it yesterday on the ground. It was all scuffed up and had dirt in it. After I cleaned it up and added a few more buttons it became a two fingered button ring!
I spent some time today just making these button rings to possibly sell here or there. If not, I'll end up wearing them. They are so simple to make and I think they are perfect for spring which, I am clearly celebrating. I worked more on my blocks today but got distracted by my Better Homes and Gardens magazine. Oh well, Maybe i'll finish more of the blocks this week.

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