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Monday, May 30, 2011

For My Aunt, who taught me to Sew

This pincushion is for my favorite Aunt who I blame for my love of sewing. She started me sewing, helped me with my first quilt, gave me my sewing machine and organized my sewing stuff. She liked my pincushion and wanted one so, I made her one last night. Even though it took hours and my eyes hurt from squinting in my dim sewing room, I'm glad it is done and I hope she likes it, even though its not perfect.

I decided to make a little quilt top and bottom for hers, since I liked mine so much. So I made little one inch squares to make a 3x3 9-square block for the top and one for the bottom. I used some grape fabric and left over green from the quilt she helped me with. This was the fun part; I love the little squares..there is something about working with the little scrap pieces that just makes it more fun. 

This last part was the hardest and most frustrating stretch of the project. It was approaching midnight, the thunder storm was wild outside and my needle would not pull through my cushion with the ribbon on it. I even hurt my teeth trying to pull it through with my mouth. I also had a measuring error for the purple band so it turned out to not be a perfect square but, I have a feeling she won't mind so much. To top everything off, my camera broke. So the photos that did make it are blurry and of poor quality. At least its done. I really hope she likes it!

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