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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Lists, Lap Robes & My Sewing Room

I found this cool "52 weeks of lists" when I was blog browsing and decided to join. I found it here and then read up on the details here! I love making lists and make to-do lists almost daily. I even have a typed up to-do list just for cleaning. I used a little sketch book to start my lists in. So here is the cover! I sewed the numbers on and a border on.
My first list is pretty basic but, I figured it was a good place to start. I can't wait to start scrap-booking these little lists. I've been so inspired to craft lately. Its so nice to have some free time to actually get some sewing and what not done.
I went up to my Aunts to drop off my graduation party invitation and found out about this quick and easy quilt to make. It is called a "Cathedral Window Quilt" and is made up of a bunch of circles. We needed this big, see through, circle tool with a square on the inside so, we made our own out of cardboard and some measurements I found here. It only took us about 5 hours from the making the template to sewing the last stitch.  This quilt is made by sewing together a bunch of circles and drawing squares on them. Then you sew them together on the lines of the squares, and iron down the flaps. The background is made up of the dark green that shows on the front as the extra flaps. Then, you sew down the flaps. 
Here is the final product. It is kind of small because I ran out of fabric. I gave it to my mom for her birthday since she loves grapes. She loved it. I told her that it was a lap robe for her for when she is old and in her wheelchair..or that she could just use it when she is relaxing outside in her porch swing. Anyway, this started my creative kick. Then i felt like cleaning my sewing room and organizing it. I've been waiting to show it off but I didn't want to take pictures of it until it was clean. I finally put away everything on my sewing desk from when I got my new sewing machine from my Aunt. All except for my pin cushion! Now I need a sewing machine cover.

Then I hung up my rotary cutter and my new transparent ruler that she gave me, too! She came over one day with the new sewing machine and all this thread, new scissors, wall hangers and this organizer! I just love it so much; it might even be my favorite part of my sewing room.
I also organized all of my fabric today. The bottom shelf looks a little messy but they are mostly recycled sweaters and wool for my owl pillows, so they don't exactly fold that neatly. Its so refreshing to have everything sorted by color again. I can't wait to keep sewing. Next I'm making a corset shirt from an old t-shirt template.  

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