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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Really Very Last Minute

 The last few days have been hectic to say the least. I started lifeguard training this weekend and that required about 16 hours of memorizing techniques, trying to prove my leadership qualities and practicing saving lives. It all paid off, though, because I got the job at the water park that I wanted. So, of course I missed my block swapping deadline on Saturday. I made cute blocks but trimmed them too small so, had nothing to hand in. The owner of the quilt shop called me and called my aunt about my missing blocks. After an apologetic phone call to the owner and a few rushed hours in my sewing room I had these blocks ready to hand in...four days late. I don't mind making these quilt squares besides the fact that being in my sewing room with all my fabric makes me wish I could be creating what I want to create, not what was due a few days ago. Anyway, soon the swap will be over and I will have a whole other quilt! The light pink fabric I used came from the abiding place and used to be a part of what looked like a little girl's doll blanket. I knew I could reuse the fabric and I did! 
This week is also hectic because I GRADUATE THIS WEEKEND. After years and years of slaving over homework, writing research papers, studying until I get a headache, taking zeros over lying about not doing projects and busting my a**, I get a diploma! I'm graduating 6Th in my class and that is an amazing feat to me. I really really hope it doesn't rain; I never once pictured my own graduation being forced inside because of rain. This exciting event inspired this weeks list which, mind you, is also being posted a few days late. Like i said : a hectic week.
I really want to try hand stitching some hexagons so I can do it while I work at the trading post. I'm also interested in making little (I'm not sure yet what) something or others out of mini scraps of fabric. We'll see how much I get done in between working two jobs. 

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