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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Another Late Night in My Sewing Room

I have been in my sewing room since Alec left around 9:30 and its now 12:30! I finally got to sink my thread into my new jelly roll that my mom and I bought for a project I'm doing. I posted on it earlier but, I started and finished this baby gift all tonight and will post pictures all up tomorrow. Well, Its not completely finished. I still have to turn on an episode of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and finish up the binding. 

Even better news: Both of these adorable owl pillows sold today! Two girls came into the shop while I was working today and could not get enough of them. They told me to hold onto them and not let ANYONE ELSE buy them. I'm so thrilled that they are going to good homes where they will be well appreciated. The best part was how they were carrying them around the store in their arms. I can't wait to make some more, maybe I'll even experiment with other animals. 

I figured I'd share some step by step photos of the process I went through for this huge painting I made back during the school year. I had a bit of an idea but the final piece was completely different than what I planned. Its actually just sitting in the closet of my sewing room not even being used as of right now, too. It deserves at least a little bit of attention so, here we go:

And there is the final piece! I like the colors on the bottom and how the bright colors merge into her skin tones the best. Besides that, this painting is too fairy-esque for me. I'd be glad to hear your opinions on it, though!


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