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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy 4th of July

I did manage to bake this flag cake! I was out of parchment paper so my cake stuck to the edges of the pan, I ran out of sugar, I didn't have enough eggs and It took me hours and hours of cleaning, mixing, baking, running to the store for eggs, and more cleaning to make this baby but, the cake was completed and was a hit! I personally don't like cream cheese frosting with vanilla cake but, the people who ate it thought it was pretty good. I got this clever idea from Glorious Treats who got the idea from 17 and Baking.

Mine didn't turn out as pretty as theirs did but, for a first try attempt I think it was okay. Next years cake will be better, I'm sure! I forgot to mention that I ran out of red food dye, too. That is why I have one pink layer in the cake and only blue frosting on the top. I thought it looked like a "its a boy" cake. We have three boxes of food dye in my house, all missing the red dye. Anyway, I had an amazing holiday weekend. Alec and I were kept busy with family parties for what seemed like days. They were all fun, though.

My cousin just got back from basic training! This is him and his adorable son, Ryan. I went to see them today and had such a great time playing with Ryan and spending time with Manny. They have both grown up a lot since I've seen them last and I can't wait to see them again.
I'm almost done with the quilt I've been working on for what seems like forever. I'll hopefully finish it tomorrow and share some photos. Hope every one's weekend was as great as mine. 

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