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Sunday, July 17, 2011

We Have Catching Up To Do

Today, my man and I went to the lake! I ended up having to work this morning but, got out by two and then we were on our way! We had a nice time on the way there; I love spending time in the car together. Once we were there we spent hours tanning in the sunshine and enjoying the warm lake water. It was so perfect. I love our relaxing Sunday getaways at the lake. 

Here is the quilt I have been waiting to post! I have been working on this baby since February. It was one of my first posts, actually. You can find details on it from before right here. Anyway, It is finally finished and sitting on my bed. This is also the quilt I'm planning on taking to school with me. Meowzers really seems to like it, too.

Here is a picture from right after I finished the binding at work. I sat right in this chair, my new favorite chair to work on bindings in, and finished it! 

The binding is fairly rugged because it was my first one but, I learned a lot from it. This quilt is far far from perfect. I know that all of the mistakes make it more meaningful because It shows that I am growing as a quilter. Hopefully, my next quilt will turn out even better. 

I found this adorable idea  a few days ago and decided to get right to work. I didn't have any cute baby fabrics so I just started working with scraps I had on hand. The good thing about having to work this morning was I had time to hand stitch the binding on it. Instead of a baby changing cloth it turned more into a mini quilt but, I might end up still putting velcro on it and maybe somebody who is into these colors, like me, and appreciates a good homemade quilt will still want it for their baby. 

 My favorite part about it is how it looks all rolled up! I didn't velcro it yet so I've been carrying it around all day with this ribbon on it. I love looking at it like this kept it right on the kitchen counter because it looks so precious all bundled up. 

I can't wait to make more; they are so quick and fun to create. Hopefully I'll get a hold of some yellows, oranges, and blues to make more baby changing mats/ burp cloths/ all purpose need-to-have baby mini quilts.

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  1. Amanda,

    Thanks for the comment! For working out I do yoga a couple times a week at a studio and on the other days I either run if it's not too hot or I do workout DVDs. Those are really the best if you find that you are really busy, because you don't have to go anywhere and waste time in transit. Jillian Michaels is my favorite -- she has some that are only 20 minutes long too, so perfect if you are strapped for time.

    And as far as being too tired or just wanting to relax, when I was working full time and going to school full time I always "thought" I was too tired to workout, but once I forced myself to start, I always had plenty of energy. The more you work out, the more energy you are going to have all day long!


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