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Friday, August 19, 2011

To New Years

I have disappeared for a few weeks for a few reasons. I have been working a lot, getting ready for school, crafting and turning 18!
 I got a new laptop and tons of amazing stuff for my room. I have also been working on this amazing gift for my best friend that I can't post about yet because its a surprise! I doubt she reads my blog at all, actually I know she doesn't, but I still don't want to give it away. When it is done I will post pictures.
Today was my 18th birthday! I got a set of car keys in a little box this morning and was so shocked to get a car for my birthday! I only had to wait at the DMV for about ten minutes, too. Its all so exciting. PLUS it is a standard, so I get to learn how to drive it.
Alec didn't tell me what I was doing today for my birthday but, he ended up surprising me with a Manicure Pedicure. He is such a sweetie.

This is a picture of the amazing cake my Aunt made me. She stopped by to drop it off and even hemmed Alec's dress pants for him because I was busy trying to get ready for dinner. She is a life saver and I can't wait to eat my cake, either.

This little craft I have also been working on. They are magnet clothespins! I made them for our mini fridge in our dorm and ended up making extra so other people and to sell at the shop. I already sold one set!
The ones above are for Alec's mini fridge [when he gets one] and have our xbox live gamertags on them.

I made these ones for my roomie, who likes Harry Potter.

These are mine for our mini- fridge. I guess they will be great for hanging up pictures, to- do lists, and what have you. This has been the best birthday I have had yet and can't wait to see where this new year will take me. 

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