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Friday, September 30, 2011

Where has September Gone?

Oh my goodness, this month has flown by and it is already the 30th! So much has happened since I have moved into my dorm and started school. I feel horrible for not blogging, even though I have about five readers. Not to mention, not blogging makes me unhappy and I really want to get back into doing it more often. 
Here are the pictures of my dorm from the first day I moved in. I have changed it three times and it looks totally different now, the layout anyway. My room is unfortunately too messy to take pictures of right now and I'm doing to post so these photos will have to do until I can take more. 
This photo on top is clearly my bed. I am  madly in love with my comforter and the quilt. The photo frame collage makes me so happy, too. It gives me a homey feel. The quilt I made I haven't had to use yet on my bed at night because its been warm. I do use it almost daily when I"m reading in bed or watching TV.

I put my desk like this to give more room but, its flat against the wall again. I have a really nice cork board built into the back of the desk that is so convenient and handy. I also set up my lamp from my room, my picture frame and my reed diffuser. The shelves on the right I got from a yard sale. They are filled with books, bracelets, and holds my coffee pot on the top. The coffee here is horrid, by the way. I love coffee in the morning, it is one of my favorite parts of fall. The coffee is either gone by the time I get to breakfast or tastes horrible. I bought this coffee maker for that reason and Alec convinced me to buy walmart brand coffee because it is cheaper but it tastes like dirt. I am too cheap to buy good coffee so, I have started drinking tea.

This is my closet. There is a curtain that pulls in front of it. I leave it open all of the time though because I need something out of it almost constantly. It holds my shoes, shower stuff, toiletries, laundry things, first aid box, linens, cleaning supplies, clothes, jewelry and kitchen supplies. I'm in love with it. I wish I had a closet like this at home.

This is all of the new freshman and "transfers" filing into the football stadium for a group picture.  I was shocked at how many people are just new this year! I've basically never even seen this many people at once before in my life except for the Restoring Honor rally in D.C. last summer. This line continued behind me and a whole corner of the picture is cut off. Regardless, there are so many people here it is just mind blowing sometimes. 

This is Alec studying hard at the library. We spent three hours there this day. I have so much work I feel like I do it all the time. This week I have two papers due, a midterm, another writing assignment, and a lab due. These are all beside my required daily homework. Needless to say, I'm very stressed out--thus my need to blog.

This is the most exciting thing that has happened all month: Alec got me a promise ring! You cannot see it well here because of the glare but, it is gold and has "Forever" engraved on it. I love it so much. I can't explain how it makes me feel or how Alec makes me feel or how happy I am. I'm not going to bore you to death with my ranting but,  you get the point. It is amazing and I love it.
I really miss sewing and crafting. I have an art class but, I don't have my sketch book to take pictures of my art with in my room with me right now. I'll post pictures later.
Mid semester break is coming up in a few weeks. When I go home I'm definitely going to bring crochet hooks and yard back with me so, I can get some crafting done. I've been daydreaming about crocheting. I love fall and I love school. I can't wait until it gets crisper and more like fall. Hope everyone is enjoying life.
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