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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Crocheting, Knitting, Baking, and Cooking.

  I came home last night, a day early, from school to surprise my mom. I pulled in the drive way at the exact time she did and her face was priceless. I'm almost positive tears of joy were involved. Plus, it was the first time I drove my car, which is standard, without Alec! So, I got home and we made cookies and then went to knitting club. I tried really hard to learn how to knit but, wasn't doing as well as I was hoping. So, instead of making the shifter knob cover from knitting  like I wanted to, I went home and made my own crochet pattern for my Subaru.


This is my masterpiece! It fit on there pretty well and kept my hand warm this morning when I was driving! This is the first time I've ever made a pattern out of my head and created something. It doesn't move around when I'm trying to shift either. I might try to tweak it a little bit and then I'll type up a pattern for it and post it on here so anybody else who wants to crochet their own shifter knob cover can, too! 

These are the cookies I made to bring to knitting club. They are from a confetti cake mix except instead of making it like a cake I added a little bit of oil and 2 eggs, and made it into cookies instead. We made them "Thanksgiving Cookies" and they are about half gone already.

This is the homemade turkey minestrone soup I made today. I'm actually eating some right this instant. I used the Minestrone soup recipe from my Moosewood Cookbook  as a guideline but, basically threw in whatever we had that I thought might taste good. I think it turned out pretty delicious. I know my mom will eat it but, I'm not sure if any of the boys will go for it. They are picky about their homemade food....they hardly eat anything that doesn't come out of a package. Hope everyone is enjoying their holiday week!


  1. I can vouch for how good the cookies were!

  2. My husband has asked that I make one of these for him. I sat down to find a pattern and there are NONE! Please, oh pretty please, Post a pattern :D


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