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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Black Friday

This is what I did at Walmart while I waited in line for two hours for a TV for the living room. I couldn't find anybody to go Black Friday shopping with but, at 9:30 my parents decided they were going to camp out for a TV. So, I got to go! I made a trip out of line to go get coffee and my mom went and got us yarn and crochet needles so we could stay busy in line. By the time we got the craft supplies we only had about 30 minutes left, though. We did make a new friend, Linda, in line because she was waiting right next to us the entire time. After we got our TV at midnight, we shopped for another two hours and I got almost all of my Christmas shopping done!

For some reason, our line went right through the freezer section so we were basically in Antarctica for the entire wait. This is the view of our line before they doubled the line and made another row of people stand to the right side of the isle. 
I love Black Friday shopping and I went last year for the first time. My mom absolutely hates it but, I had so much fun getting all the great deals on Christmas Gifts I wish she would do it with me every year. I hope everyone else got great deals, too.
I got all of my gifts for Alec and most of my gifts for my family. This week we put up the tree in my room, the tree downstairs and baked Christmas Cookies. I am so excited for Christmas. It is my favorite holiday and I started celebrating it already. Now I have to do homework for the rest of the weekend, and then go back to school...neither of which I am looking forward to.


  1. We have nothing like Black Friday here in England, but it sort of sounds like the first day of the sales. People queue outside Harrods, some even camp.

  2. Thats basically it! We camped in line for two hours!


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