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Sunday, November 20, 2011


I've had such a delightful weekend.  Alec and I spent the morning just relaxing and watching renovation shows on TV, while I read Woman's Day. The new magazine has been staring at me and tempting me for weeks. The cover has all sorts of things I love on it: recipes, couponing, weight loss tips, decoration Ideas...I could not wait to start reading it. Then, we went on a "cheap" and "romantic" date because we have been trying to save our money and wanted to do something new. So, we walked into town, enjoyed the gorgeous weather, and went window shopping. I did end up finding a lovely Christmas gift, though! I also bought a journal, which was one of the main purposes of our journey.  Today Alec and I basically lounged around and did homework...all day. But, I am definitely enjoying the little things.We spent the entire day doing homework in my dorm room. This may sound painfully boring but, it is much more pleasant than sitting in the freezing library on hard wooden chairs. So, I enjoyed the coffee and the relaxing day that we had together. I've also been doing Pilates for the past few days so, I've been feeling good about toning my body and exercising, which I usually don't do. This was overall a great weekend, as far as weekends in the dorm go.

This is my new journal. I love it and started writing in it the first night I got it. I am going to try to write in it in the morning, too. That way I can record my feelings when I wake up, any possible dreams, and any goals I have for the day. I'm enjoying writing in it already.
I'm off to write in it right now, and then cuddling in bed with Woman's Day until Alec gets back from soccer. Hope everyone had as great of a weekend as I did.

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