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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Suits and Shopping

I finally found the Christmas outfits I bought for Meowzers and Kitten last year. They look so adorable in their little Christmas suits; I couldn't help but take pictures. As Megan once wrote: "I judge the awesomeness of my Christmas cards based on how angry my pets are when I'm finished." I could not agree more.

They are basically too fat for their outfits but they still basically fit. Meowzers' only covers her chest so her fat can be free from restraint. Kittens is usually only velcro-ed on the top one or two areas for the same reason. Kitten actually does this amazing thing where she pretends she is Chris Angel and escapes from her costume in record time. I'm sure this will not be the last time this Holiday that they have to dress up, either. I'm still on the hunt for a costume for my Dog.

Alec and I made brownies last night but, we didn't feel like waiting for them to bake and took them out half way through. They ended up staying gooey and we had to throw them away. Today we made White Trash, though. It turned out way better. The downfall of White Trash is that your first bite is never your last bite, ever.

Today, my cousin, Manny, came back from Georgia, where he is a military police officer. My family all got together for breakfast and then visited my Grandpa. This turned out to be a great start for my day. My mother and I then went Christmas shopping for the entire day. I got almost all of my gifts bought, too! I even did our grocery shopping for the week. This is Meowzers playing in the bags while we unpacked from the shopping trip. I hope all is well. Enjoy the Holiday!

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