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Friday, December 23, 2011

Cross-stitch Creation

I created my first cross-stitch this past month and finished it today! I have done stitching similar to this before which I posted about here. This little piece of thread and fabric is my first actual cross-stitch, though.
My aunt mailed me this while I was at school so I could keep crafting even when I'm in my tiny dorm room, far from any sewing machine or Mod Podge. During finals week I found time to work in it while I was procrastinating and avoiding studying. It really is addicting. I ended up messing the little berries up a little bit because I counted the wrong number of spots over before starting them. I have to admit, I felt myself going cross eyed while trying to count the spots. This could account for the inaccuracy of my stitching.

Here is the final product. I just tried to put the back on it and mount it. I ended up trying to trim the back so it fit into the frame with the piece of cardboard that I used as support. I foresee the back still not staying on, even though I glued it. If this happens I'm just going to glue some craft paper over it. Tomorrow I will wrap it up all cute and put it under the tree for my grandma to open on Christmas morning! I am definitely going to try another little project like this soon. 

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