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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Potter Party

The Honors Club held a "Harry Potter Party" a few weeks ago. I do not personally like Harry Pottery very much but, the party was indeed fun and very well put together. Therefore, I feel obliged to post about it. I have been procrastinating and not posting pictures because I am not passionate about Harry Potter, nor inspired by it. But, I have more to share so, here we go.
Each guest that attended got an activity sheet as they walked in. The sheet had a checklist of all the activities we had provided. For each activity they completed, they had one of us honors club members sign their sheet to prove that they completed it. These activities varied from games to coloring, dressing up as a character or even just showing up. When they were done having the time of their lives at our party, they took their sheet to the raffle ticket station where they could trade in each signature/activity for raffle tickets. These tickets could then be put towards prizes. I unfortunately did not win any prizes, though.

I thought this station was the coolest looking area in the whole party. These broomsticks are actually handmade and personally I think they look amazing. This game turned our to be very fun and I actually came in second out of about 10+ people. Broomstick Waltz is played by exchanging broomsticks as you move in a circle. Every person in the circle holds a broom in front of them and on the count of three, everybody lets go of their broom (leaving it where they were standing) and moves to the right. As you move, you have to try and catch the broom that the person to your right let go of before it hits the ground. If the broom hits the ground before you catch it, you are out. After a person gets out, or every few rounds, the whole circle moves back a few feet. This game gets really fun and I highly recommend it for any Harry Potter parties.

This bowl of slime is referred to as "jellied slugs," which is basically jello, sparking grape juice and gummy worms. There was a miscommunication during the assembly process and we ended up having to stir in the grape juice at the end instead of using it to replace water while making the jello. Either way it went over well and gross as it looks, many people ate it.

This is our fabulous display of "acid pops." Amy and I worked on these forever and they ended up turning out really well. These are just dum-dums dipped in pop rocks. We had to experiment and play with the process of creating things for a while because, the pop rocks tended to clump together after exposed to water. We would dip the dum dum in water, then roll it in pop rocks. We found that you can only touch the rocks that you are getting on your lolly pop while doing this or else all of your pop rocks with clump up and basically solidify.

Here is an appetizing example of what that actually can look like. Trust me, only touch the rocks that you are putting on your lolly pop while rolling them.

This is me with a Dobbie cut-out. I am wearing a little yellow necklace that has the deathly hollows sign on it. This necklace indicated to the guests of our party that I was a member of the "ministry" and could sign off on their activity sheets for them. 

The "fantastic beasts and where to find them" game was a scavenger hunt. There were clues about certain Potter creatures and where they could be found. Around the building were little pictures of each creature in a location that corresponded. This scavenger hunt was fun but, we did not find all of the creatures.
Alec and I actually spent most of the time at the party doing the word search. I could not even finish mine; Amy had to do it for me.

This was our prize table. We gave away scene it, the entire DVD collection, the newest DVD, posters, stickers and probably more. These are just some of the party activities that were at the actual party. If anyone is truly interested in hosting their own Potter Party, you can email me and I will describe the other games, too.

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