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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Beautiful Day, Beautiful Life

These past few days have really made me aware of how lucky I am. I don't know if it is the gorgeous weather we have been having or the fact that I'm off of school for a week, but its working.

 Today I had such a wonderful day. I woke up and packed Alec's lunch for him and made him breakfast before he went to work. Then, slept a few more hours and woke up to all the pets on my bed cuddling me. I then rode around in my car with the sunroof down and went antique store shopping. This is one of my favorite things to do. I came home with a few great finds but will post more on that tomorrow. After that, I visited my mom at work and stopped at my Grandma's house. Then, went out to dinner with Alec before finishing off the day with crafting and baking homemade cookies. 

I saw on Kara's blog that she decided she wanted to live a beautiful life, not a happy one. This really resonated with me. Of course everybody wants to live a happy life but, I feel like I live a beautiful one, as well. I hope all of you are living beautiful lives and if not, make a change and work towards it. I was thinking about what makes my day feel particularly special or great. I realized that its not the big day-trip plans or the expected events, it is the unexpected or seemingly simple moments that make my day (or life) beautiful. I compiled some photos that attempt to capture some of these moments:

 I hope everyone had a beautiful day, too. God Bless! 


  1. Happiness comes to them who opens their door for small treats that life provides to them. So be happy and live longer!

  2. This post is amazing. You're wise beyond your years!


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