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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bloglovin' and Tattoo Art

Hello Lovelies,
This picture is the only recent photo I have to share as of now. I thought it would be fun to draw on my tattoo with pen to personalize it. It was pretty entertaining for today, anyway. 
Speaking of today, I am absolutely exhausted. I worked all day today while everyone else sat outside and tanned in the sunshine! When Lizzy and Lindsay texted me a picture of them tanning, Alec decided to go out and join them. I waddled over to them in the grass in my huge work shirt and jeans, and stared at awe in them in their bikinis. Hopefully, that can be me tomorrow. 
I have been procrastinating so bad.

What do you do to stay focused on work?

I simply cannot accomplish anything. I'm so groggy and tired I even ordered an "espresso" at the cafe' on campus. I expected to get a big hot drink with a shot of espresso in it but really just got a little cup holding only one shot of espresso. Clearly, this was not what I meant to order. So, I got a cappuccino instead.
On a more depressing note, four of my family members are in the hospital right now. Please keep them in your prayers for me. 
Today I signed up with bloglovin'! Now there is a little link to the right of this post (and every post) on the sidebar for my bloglovin'.  
I think I am going to start my Happiness Project again next month. I might switch it up some from last time, though. I am awful at starting things like that and sticking with it. Hopefully I stick to this, though. More on that later. 

How did everyone else enjoy this gorgeous weather today?

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