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Monday, March 19, 2012

Hints of Spring and a DIY

I have not been doing too much crafting the past few days since I've been back at school. So, here are a few pictures of things that make me feel so excited for Spring. This is a birdhouse that my Mother picked up at the hospital gift shop. Not only is this the most adorable bird house-cottage I've ever seen, but it lights up! It is solar powered and a little light turns on inside it when it gets dark out. I'm obsessed with it and hope a few birds love it as much as I do. Alec even thinks its "really cool" so, it is definitely extraordinary. 

These little flowers popped up at home and are at school. I think I even posted a picture of these last Spring on here. Either way, they are a sure sign that Spring is on its way. 

Now here is a quick little DIY:

Alec found me this rusty, dirty little shell basket on the side of the road this Summer. It was left over from a yard sale and the owner just put a box of stuff on the side of the road for free. Alec found it for me one night and brought it home for me with a few other odds and ends. He figured it would be an easy DIY project for us and could turn out great. I was so happy that he thought of that for me and haven't had time to fix it up until this week.
He did most of the Do It Yourself-ing, though. I stood by and watched excitedly. He spray painted it with some white anti-rust spray after I washed it. Then, I added a little fabric bow. Simple as that! A brand new, white, Spring-y basket. I still can't figure out what to put in it, though. I figure it will come to me and I'll find the perfect little combination of things to set in it.

Today Lizzy and I were going to bake with my new baking tote that my parents got me. I now have a huge plastic bin under my bed filled with everything from aprons to vanilla extract. We didn't have eggs so, we decided to make egg-less cookies. Then, we realized that we had no butter, either. We walked the entire way to the store on campus only to find that they were sold out of practically everything. Needless to say, no baking occurred this evening. 
What has everyone else been up to? Have you ever picked something up for free and turned it into something beautiful?


  1. That birdhouse is great... Wonder if the light attracts bugs? Then the birds will have dinner coming to them as well. Haha. Happy spring! Although it feels more like summer here. Craziness!

  2. I'm enjoying it as much as I can before it cools off again here in New York (next week). I bet the light does! Another perk.

  3. That birdhouse is super cute! I can't believe it has a little porch light. Too funny! You should do a post of it at night time. Adorable!

    Vonae Deyshawn

  4. Cute DIY and that is the cutest birdhouse ever. I can't even believe it's a birdhouse! Those birds are in for a treat haha


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