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Monday, March 5, 2012

Rainbow Cookies and Cupcakes

I went home this weekend for the first time since the beginning of the semester. Alec says that "She walked in the front door, turned around and turned on the oven". This statement practically sums up my entire weekend. As soon as I got home, I made two batches of walnut chocolate chip cookies. Then, that night my mother and I made these rainbow M&M cookies, and rainbow cupcakes. I missed being able to bake at my will so badly.

The rainbow cupcakes were not my idea. I found the concept on Pinterest and was dying to recreate it. Ours turned out way sloppier but, that is the fun of baking sometimes. I don't care what the beautiful baking pictures show. Not all baking occurs on silvery pans that are brand new and are displayed on delicate white platters. This picture shows the truth behind the cupcake. No, it didn't look so pretty during the process. They did turn out delicious and colorful, though! Layering the colors was difficult to do because it required precise rationing of cake batter.

This was our final product! They tops turned out more like volcanoes than hills because we filled them too high trying to include all the layers.. This was easily concealed with frosting. Our rainbow cupcakes were inspired by St. Paddy's day and topped with a white "cloud" frosting top. 

Here is the side view so you can see the layers through the cupcake paper.

When it is unwrapped the colors show even more vibrantly. 

Finally, the first bite! The second bite revealed more because you could see the entire blue inside. I think they turned out really fun and would love to try them again. I'll include the recipe so that others get the chance to try this creative cupcake. Enjoy!

Favorite Homemade or Boxed White Cake Recipe
Food Coloring
Vanilla or Buttercream Frosting
Cupcake Papers

1. Follow the preheating instructions for the cake mix. Then, fill your cupcake pans with your cupcake liners. Use transparent papers to reveal the colorful layers or thicker liners to hide the surprise. 
2. Combine the ingredients to create the cake mix. Separate the batter into 5 equal portions and place in 5 different bowls.
3. Add a different color food dye to each bowl. I made red, yellow, green, blue and purple. Follow the chart on the food coloring box to achieve desired shades.
4. With a teaspoon, spoon one scoop of the first color into each cupcake paper. The batter should cover the entire bottom of the cupcake. Try to avoid getting it on the sides of the paper. 
5. Take the next color, and spoon a teaspoon on top of the first color in each paper. Make sure the next color covers the previous color completely. Repeat with remaining colors.
6. Follow the baking instructions indicated for the cake recipe used. Then allow the cupcakes to cool on a cooling rack.
7. Frost with white "cloud" of frosting, and cover with sprinkles.

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