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Monday, March 5, 2012

Recipe Book Reunion

My mom showed me this cookbook she saved from when I was about 10. Apparently, I was quite the little chef back then.

This was my recipe: "Yummy Spinach Dip". I am in love with the fact that I wanted my entire 4th grade class to know that spinach dip was my favorite recipe. I still love spinach dip and am going to have to try this recipe of mine! The actual recipe here is filled with typos which, I think, makes it all the better.

On a more recent note, while I was home I managed to get some of my recipe book filled in! I have a huge bag of recipe cut outs and food inspiration. I've been pulling out a random one, and adding it into the book. This recipe was so great when we made it. We didn't have any orange juice to use as the glaze for the pork chops so we used apple cider. I'm tempted to only use apple cider now.

This spread is in my appetizer section. Each one is a variation of a basic tart shell but, filled with different ingredients. For example, Zesty Guac, Mediterranean, Pear Cup, and Holiday Ham are all fillings. These would be great for a party or any gathering, really. I can't wait to make them. I love this idea because they are so versatile. You can pick up any ingredients that you have in your fridge and use them to create a wonderful little appetizer. Enjoy!

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