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Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring is Coming

It finally feels like Spring is here! We are on "spring break" except at school it is still grey and snowy.    My spring break is a vacation at my home in the valley. So far this morning, I've had hot coffee, enjoyed the outdoors with the chickens and the pets, and noticed the flowers blooming. I cannot wait for Spring to stay.  Here is a picture of me getting to wear my TOMS for a walk. This means a lot when my feet have been stuck in boots for what seems like forever.

Alec and I went on a walk with my mom a few days ago and took our dog. Its great to get to spend time together outdoors and enjoy the scenery that we miss out on at school. We are still stuck in our black winter coats but, soon I will replace mine with cardigans and summer dresses!

Last night I tried making chocolate cupcakes with my chocolate cake recipe. This is my before picture. I felt like every single thing went wrong and I kept having to adjust and pray that they would turn out. 

I improvised and made peanut butter frosting with chunky peanut butter. Unfortunately, this meant I couldn't pipe it and had to spread it on with a knife. I have not even tried one yet so I couldn't tell you how they taste. At least I'm baking. 
All I have been doing lately is cooking or baking. Usually, I just do what I feel inspired to do. I've realized that I'm not giving my other hobbies the chance that they deserve. I miss painting and sewing and what not so, today I'm off to paint. I have not even picked up a paint brush since this summer. I feel like now that it is Spring, It is a perfect chance for me to make some changes and work hard to do things that make me happy. 

This month I want to:
-finally get to wear my dresses
-blog more often
-spend more time reading other blogs
-spend more time outside

On a random note, I made a delicious panini for lunch. I sauteed some onions and yellow bell pepper, then added deli turkey slices. I put this in between two slices of multi-grain bread with hummus and swiss cheese. Then, I popped it into the George Foreman for a few minutes and it tasted so wonderful. Well, I'm off to go paint. I'd love to hear other people's ideas for March. Either way, enjoy it!

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