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Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Paddy's Day

Yesterday we ate Breakfast and Dinner on the porch. The weather was so wonderful! I drank coffee and read Woman's Day while Alec washed my car, too. My mom made strawberry pecan salad and it was so delicious. I've never had fruit in a salad before, I don't think, but I definitely love it.

I also got to work on my little garden patch! I wore my bikini top so I could get some sun, and pulled all the grass out of my gardening plot. I turned all the soil over and got it ready so that It will be ready to go when I get home from school. I can't wait! 
Alec and I had a mini fire last night, too. Although it didn't last very long, it was a great way to end our Spring Break in the country.
How was everybody else's St. Paddy's Day?


  1. Wow it sounds like you really had an awesome Spring break. I wish I had a porch to eat on lol. It's still to chilly out here too. My husband would LOVE for me to do garden work in a bikini top hahaha. That's like his dream. Glad you had a nice time!

    - Sarah

  2. what a beautiful table!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Sara, It was a wonderful break. My boyfriend was the one who inspired me to work in my bikini top- he was working on his car with his shirt off! hah.

    Elle, Thank You!

  4. Fruit in a salad is delish right! Have a successful rest of the summer!


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