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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Love The 90s Party

Last Sunday the Honors Club held a "I Love the 90s" Party. The Honors Club is just about the only thing I'm involved in on campus. I posted earlier about The Potter Party. This is the same type of event, but our Spring semester event. I think it was a pretty big success considering the amount of people that showed up.

Here is the line waiting for the party to open. Alec was naturally signed up by me to help, so his job was handing out free t-shirts at the door. I had to sit at the sign in desk and hand people out their activity sheets. The line literally went down the hall and around the corner. We had 75 t-shirts to give away and they were gone by 2:05...we opened the doors at 1:50.

The activity sheet had a bunch of different activities listed on it. For each completed activity, you get one Lisa Frank sticker. Before you leave, you hand in your activity sheet and get a raffle ticket for each sticker you earned. These raffle tickets go in these little bags for a chance to win 90s prizes! 

Here are some pictures of the food counter. My friend Amy and I spent hours making these little food signs. They turned out wonderfully though. Needless to say, the candy was gone in what seemed like an instant.

Here is my wonderful roommate, Lizzy, and Shane and Jeremy. They were the only ones dressed up. There were all sorts of activities and games at the party that I didn't get to take pictures of. For example, we had the original bop-it, Tommy's Diaper Toss, Trivia, make your own slap-bracelets, coloring, and make your own fortune-tellers. We also had a Pokemon hunt. Alec and I only got to play bop-it and I made a slap bracelet.

Here is our little group picture before the party started. We all had to wear neon green shirts and neon headbands. Alec isn't even in the Honors Club but, we just pretend he is. 

Well that was the 90s Party in a nutshell. I love the 90s as a theme for a party. Let me know if you can come up with another good idea for a theme, we are always looking for suggestions!

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  1. haha, yes! the 90's! definitely a fun theme. love all the pictures :)
    xo TJ


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