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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My First Bible

I remember going to church when I was growing up and looking at all the other kids with their Bibles. Our church had a way to get a free Bible but you had to earn it over years to get it for free. I've always wanted my very own but, I didn't want to just buy a random one. I wanted one that felt like my Bible. Well, I finally got my very first, very own, Bible!

There is always this table of people with a sign that says "ASK HERE: God, Bibles, getting saved" and I'm always too nervous to go up. Standing at tables and talking about some pre-determined subject always makes me feel weird- like the person I'm talking to is getting me to buy their product. But, yesterday it really hit me that the only thing these people are going to try to sell me is God, who I already have. So, I turned around and went back to the table. I have no idea why this made me nervous, but it did. I ended up speaking to the pastor as the local church and left the table with this lovely, free Bible. I am literally so excited to own it so I can underline passages and refer to it when needed. It even has a wonderful little schedule for reading main passages in 40 days.

Also, I said Hello to someone I really do not like yesterday, and felt better for doing so. These two little seemingly insignificant details of yesterday really made me feel happy and blessed.

Also, my lovely little plant's growth is making me smile!

Alec bought me this little bucket and the seeds for flowers for about $2 a few weeks ago, and waking up to check their progress daily is definitely bringing happiness to my life.
I hope everyone else is having such a wonderful week. What are little things that have been making you happy lately?


  1. I'm so glad that you got a Bible.....God's Words to you! Yay!!


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