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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Smoothie Date in the Sunshine

I hope everyone is enjoying the day as much as I am! Today it was absolutely gorgeous out- a whopping 70 degrees! Alec agreed to go on a walk along the canal with me in the sunshine. We mailed back his birthday gift, Nike shoes that are a little too big, and got smoothies at Java Junction. Here are some photos I snapped along the way.

This tree looked so different in the fall, I could hardly recognize it. It was covered in thick green leaves and you couldn't even see the trunk. Its amazing what kind of transformations nature goes through in a single year. The color of the flowers is absolutely breathtaking, too. 

And here is a photo of my little Alice in wonderland dress and messenger bag. I had a green cardigan and yellow shoes on all day with it, too. What did everyone else do in the sunshine today?


  1. Nice dress:)I went running yesterday, and found a lovely pathway in the forest, and as it turned out, it ended at the village next to our town:) I like to discover things like that:) Have a nice day:)

  2. that alice and wonderland dress and messenger bag is absolutely adorable!!!!! great pictures girl!
    xo TJ

  3. Thank you both! Lola, that sounds wonderful!

  4. you two are so cute! looking at these pictures makes me miss sunshine.


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