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Friday, May 18, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday: Week One

I'm so excited to be sharing my first week of blocks for my Farmer's Wife Quilt! If anyone missed what the Farmer's Wife Quilt is all about, here is the link to my post introducing the book. I finally got the book, though! You better believe I had both of this weeks blocks done in two days.

The first letter is titled "Living in God's Open Air" and was written by Mrs. J.E.F. in Valley County, Montana. She says that she could "give you a hundred reasons for saying yes" and encouraging her daughter to become a farmer's wife. She believed that working on the farm did not hinder her social standing but instead enhanced it. She wrote, "I felt I had beautified my labor". Her final sentence stated that they "could not have had more in a mansion". It's good to read about a woman who appreciates the small things in life and feels blessed by those things without increasing material wants. 

This block is called "Cut Glass Dish". There are 48 tiny triangles in this 6"x6" block. What a great start! For some reason I feel like this block was first for a reason....to weed out the quilters that are not devoted enough or something.

The second block is called "Kitchen Woodbox". This block went together way quicker than the first. The most difficult part was cutting the fabric. I think I might need to go buy some more triangle rulers because my one little ruler can't handle as many of the angles as it needs to. 
Overall, I had so much fun finally starting this project that I've been waiting for for weeks. If anyone else is interested in joining my little quilt along let me know! I can't wait to see what blocks are up for next week!

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