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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Farmer's Wife Friday: Week Two

Sorry for the late post! Life has been just keeping me busy since yesterday. I was going to post about this Friday night and ended up finishing a book and going to the movies instead. Alec and I saw Men In Black 3 and it was amazing. Then I was going to do it this morning but, we ended up spending all day at the lake and then I worked on a project that I will share with everyone when it is finished. 
Anyway, less about me and more about this farmer's wife. The letter for this week came from Furnas County, Nebraska and is titled "No Safer Road to Travel". My favorite quote in the whole letter is when she wrote: "To wake up in the early morning to the bird calls, the animal greetings, is better than the best symphony concert every played."  She then continues to write: "To see the sun climb out of bed and reach out rosy fingers to pick up the dew drops from field and meadow, and to watch the joyous greeting of all nature, in the summer time, is worth more than silver and gold can buy". I mean, wow. This is so completely true. In fact, I even wrote "completely agree" in the margin of my book. I absolutely love waking up in the morning and drinking my coffee out on the porch so I can enjoy the view and listen to the birds. Being a country girl myself, for this reason alone I would recommend being a farmer's wife...if it meant you could wake up to nature every morning.

This block is called Country Path. I really like the colors here because I am a browns, greens, and beige fan.   These are unlikely favorite colors for an 18 year old, I know, but my entire room is themed around those three colors. This block didn't turn out too awful and I love the checkered fabric.

Now this little block...this little block was quite the challenge. I do not paper piece, or know when to paper piece but, I feel like this block might have been one of those moments. Clearly, it turned out more than a little wonky. I love the fabrics though, and love the little pinwheel in the center. It gets a little crooked from there, though. This one is called "Silver Lane". I'm loving this quilt along and can't wait to read next weeks letter!

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