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Monday, May 14, 2012

Gift and Breakfast for Mother's Day

Here is the finished project for my Portuguese Embroidery. I made it into a pillow for my mother and gave it to her for Mother's Day. I love making pillows. They are so easy to make, yet functional.

Here is the Mother's Day card I made for my mom. I also made one for my Aunt, one for my Grandma, and one for Alec's Grandma. There is something about homemade cards that makes them so much better than store bought ones.

For Mother's Day breakfast I made my mom "Eggs in a Hat". This is a really basic breakfast but, different enough to use for a special occasion. Instead of cutting a circle into the bread I used a butterfly cut out for a Spring/ Mother's Day touch. Also, I know that these pictures are by no means pretty to look at but, this is a fun breakfast to make and I wanted to share it. So, here goes:

Eggs In A Hat:

1. Butter both sides of two pieces of bread, as if you were making a grilled cheese.

2. With a cookie cutter, cut a shape out of the middle of each slice of bread. Usually I make circles and use cups to get the shapes instead of cookie cutters. 

3. Brown each side of the bread (cut outs and slices) in a frying pan on medium-high heat. For the slices, brown the first side, then flip it over and crack an egg into the hole in the middle. 
4. Cover the pan with the egg in it to steam the egg. When it is almost cooked thoroughly, flip it again.

5. Put the bread slice with the egg in it on the plate. It should look something like this. 

6. Finally, top your egg with your "hat", or cutout. Enjoy!


  1. yummy! what a good idea about making eggs in a hat. I've never heard of it, but I will try it. I love your blog and your yummy recipes. I'm following you via bloglovin! from www.findyoursparkle2.com

    1. You won't be sorry you tried it. I'm headin' over to check out your page now.

  2. I love the butterfly egg and toast. That stuff makes breakfast extra special. Especially on days like Mother's Day. Thanks for sharing =)

    - Sarah

  3. Yummie! looks delicious and so pretty!

  4. Those look yummy! My kids would love that for breakfast.


    1. If you make it let me know what you think and what they think!

  5. Love the pillow! And I agree about handmade cards....mom's like them best too! Everything looks yummy...you have one lucky mom!

  6. I think these pieces are just lovely! Such wonderful detail and such delightful. I was going to pick a favorite but I think if I could I would have them all.

  7. I love that everyone has a different name for this awesome breakfast. I grew up calling them Egg-in-a-hole, Carl calls them Hobo-Eggs, and Evan has decided neither of those work so he simply calls it Circle-Sandwich. :)


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