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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Heaven Is For Real

Here is a quick little book review for all of you readers out there. This is my first book review in a while and I'm thinking about making them more of a focus this summer because I'm planning on reading many more books. I've read a lot of blogs where people post their perfect little summer reading lists for the whole summer. I've tried to make reading lists before and to be completely honest, they do not work for me. I never actually go to my list and pick the next book. So, I end up with a reading list a mile long with only one book crossed off, the one I start with. I like to find a book that sounds good, read it, then find another book that is inspired from how I feel after reading the first one. If I love it, I find a similar one. If I hate it, I read that new title that everyone is talking about or just start with a random one.
Now that I've gone through my little intro, here is my first summer reading book. This book is fantastic. I read it in about two or three days. It is written by a father, Todd Burpo, who tells the story of his son who nearly died and during surgery the son went to heaven. Now you may not believe this but, this child repeats things that there is no way he could know unless he actually went to heaven. I don't want to give anything away but, I highly recommend this one. 
This one is really special to me because the day before I found it, I prayed to God asking for help finding peace with the idea of Heaven. I always wonder what happens when you fall in love with someone and then die young, and they remarry or re-fall in love, what happens? I have this fear that I'm going to die early and wait in heaven for the one I love and find out that when he actually comes to Heaven, he is with somebody else and not me. I don't know. For some reason, this bugs me a lot. Regardless, I prayed for understanding and the very next day God put this book into my life. I'm even reading another one similar to this and exploring even further. Also, I guess I'm sharing this with all of you now, too. God works in mysterious and wonderful ways.
If you read this or have read it before: what do/did you think?


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  2. I have read it. Not totally done but my ex gave it to me in December. Excellent book and definitely allays your worries and demonstrates the power of prayer. God is so good. Answered your prayer immediately. God bless you. Have a good memorial weekend!

  3. I've struggled with this very same concept, and I still do. My way of coming to accept it is just trusting that God has a plan for me and that He knows what will be best for me. Most days, that's enough. But everyone has days where they falter in their faith. I haven't read this book, but now I definitely will. I'm so glad that I stumbled upon your blog!


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