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Friday, May 25, 2012

Life Through Photos

This is my life as of lately through the photos from my phone ( and some other peoples' phones). 

My cousin, Courtney, had her Bachelorette party.

Shadley the cow.

Alec half-smiling as he tries holding the baby chick.

Meowzers the cow.

I've been doing a lot of this lately.

I finally met Melissa's baby, Gracie.

She is so adorable. She was asleep and rolling her eyes in this picture.

Some bedside reading....

Kitten does this every time I sew.

New pretty in pink bow flip flops! I'm in love.

Baby ducks at the lake.

Leopard isn't my thing but I couldn't resist.

Some scrapbooking.

Couponing pays off (literally)

Meowzers and I bloggin' on the porch in the sunshine.

Rose frosted homemade vanilla cupcakes.

Practicing my frosting.

Grocery shopping with my list on the kindle and my coupons buttoned onto the cart.

Found this coupon under a box of tea that I put in my cart. Thank You, stranger!

Freeze lemon slices to put in drinks.

Woke up to this entire thing on the floor this morning...what a wonderful opportunity I had to organize my thread by color.

And some more lounging in the porch swing with Meowzers.

Lots of random things going on in my life right now but, it is so relaxing to just have a few weeks to breathe.


  1. Hi! I just run to your blog today. You did really good on those frosting. Are you really 18?? OMG I think you could be a great pastry chef couple years from now.. :D

    ♥ PuriiChan

  2. Hey, Amanda! Those cupcakes are just amazing. :)

  3. Cute post Amanda. I especially like your pink shoes. Thanks for always stopping by my blog and leaving comments...they help keep me going!


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