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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pillows for New Parents

I made these two pillows for Alec's sister and her finance who just had a baby. Their baby, Grace, turned one month old today! I finally got to meet her today and brought these little gifts with me. This is such a quick and easy gift to make for new parents. 
All I did was found a picture of both of them with Grace, and edited them so they were black and white. Then, I printed them on this fabric paper I found. Once they were printed I had to "color treat" them, which was just ironing them, getting them wet, and then ironing the photos again. Then, I cut the picture and just made a basic fabric frame for the picture. This took maybe two hours to do from start to finish. Like I said, it is a sentimental and easy gift to make if you know how to sew.

Here is a close up of Melissa and Grace.

And the matching one of Adam and Grace.

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  1. Thank you Amanda! They are wonderful! I plan on saving them until Grace is an adult and them giving them to her as a gift one day!


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