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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Recycled Dresses

Alec took some pictures of me in some dresses I'm trying to sell today. This one is the second dress I ever made, way back when I was learning to sew. I used different colored strings than the fabric and had poor sewing skills. Regardless, I didn't want to just throw it away. I'm going to put it up on my etsy shop and try to sell it for really cheap so it at least gets a chance at being worn. Its a really unique design. I took a thrifted dress and a pair of brown denim pants and somehow combined them. If anyone does end up being interested I'll fix the stitching errors that are currently on the garment.

This is a wonderful dress that I absolutely love. I made this one out of all recycled ties! It is so unique and I'm going to sell this one, too. The bow in the front of this dress can tie in the back or the front. Like I said, I want them to go to a good home where they can actually be worn. Apparently I sew dresses that I myself do not wear. I'm going to try and sew some more this summer that I actually do wear, though. 
Besides this little photoshoot and the pillows for new parents, today was a "seamstress slave" sort of day. This means I just did all of the mending projects Alec and my brother have been wanted me to do for them...like sewing buttons and adding patches. The good thing about this was, when I went to switch my thread from baby blue to khaki my bobbin was almost empty. So, it was kind of meant to be.
Hope everyone else had a wonderful day, too.


  1. Hi, Amanda. It's my first time dropping by but I already like your site. We both commented on a post from livingwithlindsay and I thought I'd give your blog a visit. Keep up the good work!



  2. that's one amazing dress!! great job girl =)

  3. How cute! What a great idea too!

  4. 1. You are a doll.
    2. I love hearing from you! It just makes my day.
    3. I am digging the recycled tie dress!! So lovely.

    much love, sweet friend.

  5. Ahhh I love the ties on the dress!! Sew cute :) I just saw a cool clutch on pinterest made of all ties and it rocks..
    Thanks for stopping by FFL!


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