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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Here's To The End of Freshman Year

Brock the Port, Glow Fest

Trying new things- Glitter.

Finding a Family


My wonderful roommate and roommates to be. I can't wait for all of us to live together next year!

Thinking About:
My summer job. I'm working at this adorable shop on the lake again this summer and couldn't be more excited.

Going home tomorrow! By this time tomorrow I will be moved out of my little dorm room and moved home for the summer. Also, I'm starting a new weekly blog post called "Saturday's Sweets" and I simply cannot wait to begin.

Listening To:
Lizzy reading funny pins on pinterest to me from across the room. Other than that, I've been listening to Chase Coy lately! Holy, flashback.

Pizza Blasted Goldfish as I eagerly await dinner at 5. I can't stop eating. So, basically I've been eating anything and everything. Otherwise known as the "see food diet': ya see it, ya eat it.

That the Farmer's Wife book would be at my house ready for me by, tomorrow. Unfortunately, I haven't even ordered it yet. I think I will tonight though.


  1. Sounds like you had a great time for your Freshman year. Enjoy your summer!


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