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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring Cleaning

On Wednesday, I moved back home from school for the summer. I'm so excited to be home so I can craft and bake and sew all I want. When I got home, Alec surprised me with these flowers! They made my entire day. Last time he surprised me with flowers I cried. Unfortunately, once all my belongings were located in one bedroom, my room looked something like this:

The problem was I had buckets and bags and boxes full of clothes, shoes, shampoo, throw pillows....basically anything you can thing of. Yet, all of my drawers were already full in my room. So, it took me hours of organizing to finally get it back to normal. I also went through and threw out a bunch of things I didn't need. All my room needed was a little bit of spring cleaning. I know most of blog-land only holds pictures of bedrooms that are perfectly neat and matching but, I want to show what my real bedroom and real life are like- not some photoshopped, fake version of my life.

Thankfully I had Alec to carry things from here to there and set up my TV for me. This is him workin' away with me. 

After all the heavy lifting and complicated setting-up was over, I was left to organize. I even cleaned out every single drawer in my room. After a few hours of work, my room is finally back to normal. It doesn't look like a photo out of Better Homes and Gardens but, Its good to be back home and in a clean room.

Lastly, I got a new car! Well, its used but its new to me. There was only one person in front of us in line at the DMV today when I got it transferred. I'm so excited to have a new one. Plus this one is automatic so, I don't have to be nervous driving a standard anymore. 

Has anyone else been doing any spring cleaning?


  1. Congrats on the car! That is exciting, isn't it? Spring cleaning is getting ready to be an all out war at my house as we get ready to host our son's graduation party on June 2! Woop-woop! Lots of excitement around here.

    1. My brother is graduating, too ! Congratulations!

  2. I'm obsessed with the chair in your profile picture.

    And congrats on the new car!

  3. Have a great summer! I hope that you enjoy the Farmer's Wife Sampler QAL!

  4. Congrats on the new car. Just stopping in and saying hello from "SITS" :-)


  5. Congratulations on your new car! My husband and I already cleaned our house a week ago and it was worth the hard-work. Maybe next week we will do the same on my Mother and Father In laws house and were so excited.

    1. yes it is definitely a lot of work. We're switching rooms now so my entire sewing room is now living in my bedroom....it is nowhere near organized already.


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