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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tiny Triangles on Pretty Pillows

After all of Molly's inspiring posts about her little Half Square Triangle (HST) pillow, I was dying to make my own. I think I've been wanting to make this since before I came back from college. This finished product here isn't too bad for my first attempt at making little triangles line up. I'm going to put this pillow up for sale on etsy today. Hopefully, I can whip up a few more matching pillows to sell this week, too. 
If you want to make one yourself, here's how: 

First of all, cut up a bunch of squares. I didn't have any white fabric so I used the closest thing I had to white fabric with the squares on the left. Then, I used patterned fabrics for the squares on the right. You can use any size square you want. I made mine 2.5" because I was using a jelly roll. But, you can make them bigger if you don't want as many tiny triangles to work with. 

Place one white square and one colored square face-side-in on top of each other. 

Sew all the way around the squares. Every single side.

Then, cut the square in half.

And cut it in half again.

You will end up with a pile of tiny triangle pieces.

Press the triangle pieces open, pressing the seam towards the colored fabric.
Since my squares were so small, I ended up with a little wing on the edge of each square where the seam stuck out. I just trimmed these off.

Next I lined them up in diagonal rows, add one more white triangle to the top of each row. From here, sew the squares together. For more details on how to make the squares line up, read Molly's post. 

After sewing all the HSTs together I trimmed them, and added a log cabin border.

Then, I sewed the front with the HSTs to this piece of fabric for the back, and stuffed it full of fluff! And there you have it- your own tiny triangles on a pretty pillow.

Let me know if you attempt this pillow!


  1. INSANELY adorable. You have mad skillz, woman!

    Aya ♥ Strawberry Koi

  2. oh wow!!! this is great!! Glad I came past your blog today. It's filled with so much inspiration. Hope you might like to follow me in return? http://shadeofwhim.blogspot.com

    Maria x

  3. Oh my gosh! I got so busy yesterday...I forgot to stop by and see the pillow! WowZa!!! It is amazing! You did a spectacular job on that pillow. And I love how it is framed! Yay!!!!

  4. Wow! Very cool project. You are so talented :)


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