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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I haven't done a currently post in over a month! It does not feel like it has been that long at all. Anyway, here goes.

I'm currently loving my sleep. Each night this past week I've crawled into bed and then been completely asleep within 10 minutes. Usually I sit on my laptop or read before bed, but I found that if I just try to go to sleep I fall asleep way easier. I read that having a screen (your kindle, phone, laptop) in front of your eyes right before bed stimulates your brain instead of settles is down for bed. This might be why.

Thinking About:
I'm thinking about baking something. I don't know if anybody noticed but, I skipped "Saturday's Sweets" this weekend. (whoops!) So, I'm thinking about going to bake something yummy after this post.

This weekend the shop that I manage is opening! I worked there last summer and have been busting my butt setting up the store this week. We open on Saturday and I can't wait to see others enjoy the store as much as I do.

Listening To:
Listening to country music has been my motivator lately. I clean and focus way better when I've got country songs playing on the radio, or TV, or Pandora. Also, Alec and I were supposed to go see Lady Antebellum this weekend but, we both got sick. 

Unhealthy. I really need to get back into my healthy eating habits. Now.

I'm wishing I could sell some stuff at the store I work at or on my store. I've been creating a lot lately yet none of it has sold. Hopefully this will change soon.

Let me know if you do your own Currently... Have a great night!


  1. Your blog design is super cute! I know what you mean about sleep...I'm bad about getting on the computer before bed. Thanks for stopping by my blog from SITS :)

  2. I love fortune cookies! I have a special relationship with them. A special one helped me find my husband! :)



  3. seeing this everywhere. love it! and i really have been eating unhealthy too. need to work on that one!! :)
    xo TJ


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