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Saturday, June 2, 2012

D.I.Y. Lace Shorts

These little babies are my first successful pair of shorts made my jeans! I've tried many times before to make them and they always turn out crooked with one leg longer than the other. I used my rotary cutter and a ruler instead of just scissors to cut the legs. I've been seeing a lot of these DIY lace shorts on Pinterest and have been dying to make my own. So, here is how:

1. Pick a pair of jeans to cut. I used a thrifted pair of flared jeans. Decide how long you want the shorts and measure along the seam from the top. I used stitching that was on either side to use as a starting point.
2. Cut your fabric.
3. Turn your shorts inside out and sew a hem on. 
4. Add your lace along the inside and sew it over the hem line you already stitched. I didn't pre-measure my lace at all. I just starting sewing and cut the strips a little after they overlapped. It is helpful to start sewing at the seams near the inside of your legs, so that the overlapped lace is hidden.
5. Put your shorts on and show them off!

Let me know if you try this!


  1. I thought you were wearing denim bloomers! :P

  2. I really like how shorts look when lace or other pretty material is added to them. Great DIY. Your shorts looks so cute. :)

  3. These are so cute! You've definitely inspired me ;)

  4. these are super cute! thanks for the tutorial :)

  5. Super cute idea. Thanks for sharing this post. The next time I start thinking about ditching a pair of jeans, I'll remember your tutorial and make myself a pair. This sounds easy enough!

    Happy SITS Day!


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