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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Glorious Girl Time

This weekend my wonderful friend, Anne, came to the country to visit me! I met her at school and we clicked instantly. We actually didn't even talk all of first semester but, the moment we actually spoke we realized that we had a lot in common. One of the main (rare) things that we have in common is our love for all things labeled "domestic". Such as ...baking and cooking for our men, humble homes, and the idea of being a house wife. Naturally, our day together was glorious. It is so refreshing to have a girl friend with similar interests. I even made my bed especially crisp with what I call "nursing corners". Remember this post about frantically organizing my room? Well, I wanted it to look nice for Anne.

I actually taught Anne how to sew! I was elated to spend time with someone who has an interest in learning to sew and honored to be the one to teach the art of quilting! We ended up making her two throw pillows to match her bedspread for her dorm. 

Then, we made THE chocolate chip cookies that have been so popular in my house lately. This is the second batch I've had to make this week! She even tested out my antique sifter. She said that if she could describe my life with one word it would be "poetic". This is why I love Anne. She uses words like "poetic". She braved touching the chickens and dipped her feet in the lake. Overall, I had such a beautiful time and can't wait to see her again!


  1. Nice to meet you Ann, come again when you can stay longer. Maybe, by then the chickens will be giving us eggs daily and you can touch the eggs instead of the hens. Good Luck at UB and thanks for visiting w/ my dtr.!
    Country Mama!

  2. You seem like such a nice sweet friend :)
    I long to have a friend who shares the same interests as me <3 besides my twin, lol. I love all things art, crafts and love fashion and sewing. :)
    You're a talented nurse ^^

    Thanks so much Amanda for your comment int on my simple outfit post! :)

  3. It's so wonderful to hear that you had a wonderful time with your friend. She sounds wonderful. I love it when I spend time with friends. Those cookies look delicious. :)

  4. This sounds like such a great day!! It's so wonderful making friends like that, hey??

    Uni started early for us because it's winter in Australia, and so it was just the shorter break for us. The US is so interesting!! But don't worry, Australian's have a pretty feeble grasp on their own history as well. I think it's probably (unfortunately) common...

    Also, that's a rad blanket :D

    Sorry bout the late replies, it's been a bit hectic. Hope you're having a great week! :) Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams

  5. Sounds like you two had a lovely, cozy day! :) Love the quilt too

    x jenn


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