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Friday, August 3, 2012

My Fabric Collection

This is a very modest view of what my fabric collection usually looks like. And by usually I mean when it is all neatly folded with minimum unfinished projects floating about. Today was a very special day because my wonderful Aunt is moving and gave me almost all of her fabric collection. This is the very woman who taught me how to sew in the first place, so getting my hands on this fabric is ... indescribable. 

Unfortunately, I ended up with six heaping garbage bags full of fabric just sitting in my clean room. Naturally, I was so overwhelmed by the clutter I had just collected and my lack of space for it that I laid face first on the bed. This continued for about 8 minutes until Alec came in and made me get up. Then, we cleaned out a bookshelf, he carried it into my room for me and we did some rearranging. 

After Alec's work was done. I got to scrubbing the wood, sorting the fabrics by colors and folding them so they all fit nicely.

Look what happened! Now I have my very own fabric sanctuary. My favorite part is the section that has all holiday fabrics in order by holiday. Just wanted to share my early birthday present from my Aunt. I'm so so excited about this, people. You have no idea. 

Do any of you have that one thing that makes you happy when you look at it no matter what?


  1. My one thing that I look at that makes me happy no matter what... You!

  2. I respond to overwhelming clutter and a lack of space in EXACTLY the same way. : )

  3. Nice! My fabrics are all in bins in a closet! I need to figure out a tidy way to display them!

  4. Hi Amanda, thanks for stopping by my blog!
    That's so sweet that your aunt gave you all her fabric, and that you have someone so nice to bring you in a whole bookcase for it!! If you really hate clutter so much (like me :) than you could choose one special fabric your aunt gave you and hang it as a cute ruffled curtain in front of the bookcase!


  5. Oh my! If I had all that fabric the things I would sew....!! :)

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  6. Ooooh! Love all that fabric! So many possibilities! :-)


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