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Monday, September 24, 2012

Country Coffee

Fall is my all time favorite season. Everything about it I absolutely love. 
In high school, my best friend Kacie and I would eagerly wait for autumn to come, bringing it's crisp air and crunchy leaves.

My all time favorite memories of fall during school involved our after school adventures. Everyday as soon as school ended, we would get dropped off at Kacie's house and immediately make coffee. We would then pour in our delicious pumpkin spice creamer, or drop in a thin-mint or mini-candy bar for flavor. Every single day this would happen. I can't drink a cup of coffee in the fall without thinking about it. There is something so warm and cozy about cuddling up with a cup of coffee. We would follow our cups of coffee with slow, country walks in our scarves and hats, where we would talk about how beautiful everything is and how everything about autumn feels right.

We lived just about a mile apart. So, our bus driver knew enough to drop us off at each other's houses. Every so often we would get a substitute bus driver who would insist on dropping us off at our own houses for "safety reasons". When this happened, I would make a point of walking immediately in the other direction as soon as my feet hit the ground. A lot safer, huh? 

I'm going to go make a cup of pumpkin spice coffee now. 


  1. How lovely, and so very different from my school experience. I was the class of 1978. I think it is interesting (in a good way) how the bus driver knew which house you lived in and wouldn't let you off elsewhere. We had stops at the end of subdivisions.

  2. How fun that you had such a great friend.

  3. I remember doing the SAME THING! I always dropped a thin mint in my coffee, now they sell it as a creamer and I am hooked! I can attest to how annoying a substitute bus driver can be also, I've gotten that speech a couple of times back in my school days! :)


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