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Monday, September 17, 2012

What Happens When...

What happens when I leave for school for a few weeks and then come home:
Beautiful little flowers bloom.
I planted this precious little beauty after it have been living on the windowsill for months. My mother thought it was dead and gave it to me to try and save. Well, look what miracles happen when you are not looking. 

The garden fills up with weeds.
My garden was in desperate need of some love. I happily got on my gardening gloves and began pulling weeds only to be swarmed by all of the chickens wanting to help.

At first, they started scraping weeds out with their claws....then they started ripping out flowers. Either way, it was nice to have some company.
All they wanted was a little attention.

Hope everyone is having an amazing day.


  1. oh how cute! the colours of those little flowers are so pretty.
    I have to say sorry for not being around for a while... It's always nice to pop back and see how you have been going. I've just spent 15 minutes sipping on my morning coffee and going through your latest posts :)
    Maria x

  2. Oooooh, I love chickens!
    I can't have them where I currently live and that makes me depressed.
    I always had a coop full growing up!


  3. Those chickens seriously made me smile so wide! :) I think your garden is looking beautiful! I love that orange colour.

  4. I love these pictures with the chickens. And your flowers are beautiful.


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