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Monday, October 29, 2012

3 Ways: To Tie a Scarf

Are you sick of wearing your scarves the same simple way you have been wearing them since middle school? Do you see women all around you with their scarves tied in such interesting ways and wondered how to make your own scarf look that good? If you answered "yes" to either of those questions this is the post for you! 

Here are 3 unique ways to tie a scarf:

1. The Fancy Braid

1. Start with the scarf open around your neck. 2. Twist the ends, one over the other. Adjust the loop to be the size you want your final braided loop to be. 3. Twist one end over the other again. 4. Take the bottom end and pull it over and into the neck hole. 5. Fold it back over the other side. 6. Repeat with the other end. Twist the ends over each other and bring the end you are working with through the neck hole. 7. Repeat over and through, switch ends, over and through, switch ends. 8. Knot the end and either tuck the ends to hide them or leave them out. Adjust your braid so it hangs how you want it to. 

2. Four in the Hand 

1. Fold the scarf in half and then wrap it around your neck. 2. Put your hand through the loop on the folded end and pull one of the loose ends through the hole. 3. Twist the loop on the folded end. 4. Pull the second loose end through the hole. 5. Fluff the scarf and rearrange the twists until it lays flat on your chest.

 3.  The Simple Knot

1. Tie the ends of your scarf into a knot. 2. Tie the ends of your scarf into a second knot, forming a double knot. 3. Rearrange your scarf so the knot is on the side, as shown above. 


Monday, October 22, 2012


The time has finally come! Today is my SITS feature day! The SITS Girls is a group of over 40,000 bloggers who work together to learn new things about blogging and find new blogs that they love.

If you are new here, I've got tabs on the top of the page where you can find posts related to your interests.

 If you want to try some new recipes you could check out my apple crisp recipe or my heaven bars

If you like creating new little projects, check out my DIY section and learn how to make your own jewelry box or create a paper garland.

If you like to crochet or sew you might be interested in making a fusion blanket. 
If you haven't found one of these that interest you yet check out my 40 things to do before I turn 20 list, because everyone has goals they want to reach. Sew, we might as well try to reach them together.

I hope you find something you enjoy here and decide to follow along!

Friday, October 19, 2012

D.I.Y. Knotted Headband

Amy and I have been working away at the wonderful headbands for a few weeks now. Amy found the pattern here and we fell in love. Sew, we got started! This is not a hard pattern at all, in fact this is Amy's very first crochet project ever. If you have never crocheted before and want to start on an easy project that you can finish in a short time and be able to wear, this is your project. 

We headed off to the rail road tracks to photograph these beauties. The fall weather was absolutely perfect today and the leaves matched our headbands wonderfully.

You can wear them over your hair, like this.

Or under your hair, like this. You can even wear them with your hair up. They are perfect to keep your ears warm during the cooler fall months, too.

Like I said, if you want a quick and easy project to make, head over here and follow these really clear instructions. We have already made five of them and you can adjust the size for children, as well. 

Let me know if you try it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dorm Room Delights: Pizza Crackers

Dorm Room Delights is a new mini-series dedicated to all the little treats you can make in a dorm room. I know most of you don't live in a dorm room but, you can still make these snacks using just the bare minimums of cooking supplies. For example, this little treat was made using only a plate and a microwave. Dorm Room Delights is an attempt to prove that college life isn't all Ramen and Poptarts. All of these recipes come to life with the help of my wonderful roommate, Amy. In all honesty, this idea is 100% hers and she ran screaming into the bathroom while I was in the shower to tell me about it.
 So in honor of dorm living, we present you with Pizza Crackers.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

D.I.Y. Heart Garland

This heart garland was free to make and Amy and I created in under an hour for our dorm room. You could hang them in the window, a doorway, over your bed or just on a wall.  This project could work with any color or shape. You could even make little orange and gold leaves! I know you are probably already dying to make one for yourself. 
Here is how:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10. and 17. Go to Niagara Falls and Leave a Note for a Stranger

A few weeks ago I finished two of my 40 things to do before I turn 20. 
#10. Go to Niagara falls
#17. Leave a note for a stranger

I went to visit my best friend, Kacie, a few weekends ago and we decided to just get into the car and start driving towards the falls. We followed these signs for 25 minutes, in hopes of finding Niagara Falls. Our plan was to follow these little blue signs until we stumbled upon a beautiful waterfall. Unfortunately, it didn't exactly turn out like that. These signs ended up being so far apart that we were convinced we were lost every time before we saw the next one. Luckily, we made it there in one piece and got free parking two blocks away.

I left my little "note for a stranger" at the base of a tree next to where we parked.

Excuse the photo quality of the above, they were taken with a camera phone over the summer. I had this little note in my purse with me for months waiting for the right place to leave it. Hopefully, somebody found it and it made them smile.

We got our photos taken in front of an overly touristy (is that even a word?) location. 

The falls were absolutely beautiful. It was completely free to go and ogle at them, too. The only cost we had was gas to get there. I highly recommend the trip. Its a perfect mini road trip to take with your best friend.

We tried walking to Canada on this bridge, but decided we liked the US of A better and turned around.

Best of all, I almost fed a squirrel! At the last second somebody let their dog come up and jump at the squirrel. When I looked up at her in shock, she giggled and said "OH MY GOSH THEY WERE SNIFFING EACH OTHER, HOW CUTE!". In reality, her dog jumped at my squirrel and ruined our little moment. Oh well. 

This little trip was exactly what I needed after a week of exams. It is also nice to know I can work on some of my goals even while I'm at school.

Are any of you completing anything you've wanted to do for a while?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


(This is a picture my friend sent me off her tea on the coaster I crocheted her and sent her in a care package. I think it looks so cozy.)

"i have decided i really like ordinary days,
having time to wash the dishes without distraction
time to think
while my hands do something they already know how to do.
i like days when there is no momentous news,
no event to plan and organize,
nothing urgent
off the radar bursting to be noticed or attended to."

Working On:
Trying to keep up with all of my school work. I had three exams in one week a few weeks ago, and I have three exams next week. I feel like I can never catch up with all the work and studying I have to do. 

Thinking About:
I have been thinking about how I am going to stay on campus over winter. They make it so difficult to stay over the winter break and I am trying to find any loop hole I can so that I can stay at school this winter and work.

I am anticipating the start of my new job today! I got a job as a resident aid at an assisted living facility and I start tonight. I'm hoping to be able to keep this job until a graduate. This is really important for me because it is an opportunity to gain experience in the health care field. I am so exacted and a little nervous to begin!

Listening To:
I have not had a lot of time to listen to music at all lately. I have really been loving "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes, though. It is my ringtone for when Alec calls and every time my phone rings I almost don't want to answer it just so I can listen to the song.

I have been eating lots of chex mix and soup lately. Those are definitely my two staples. I eat soup every day for lunch and dinner and chex mix is our go-to snack. Unfortunately, (and probably fortunately) Amy and I portioned the chex mix bag out into snack bags and it turns out a handful is a serving. Whoops.

Thankful For:
My friends, family and loved ones. A girl was murdered at my school this past weekend and it was really tragic. It really brings what is important in life into focus. Don't hold grudges, love your neighbor even if it is the hardest thing to do, and forgive even when someone doesn't say sorry. 

Planning For:
I am already planning for Christmas! I have fabrics picked out for a Christmas Quilt and am already ordering gifts for my friends and family. I love love love Christmas.

Thanks for checking out what I'm up to lately.
Let me know if you do your own currently by linking it in a comment!
Have a great day.

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