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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10. and 17. Go to Niagara Falls and Leave a Note for a Stranger

A few weeks ago I finished two of my 40 things to do before I turn 20. 
#10. Go to Niagara falls
#17. Leave a note for a stranger

I went to visit my best friend, Kacie, a few weekends ago and we decided to just get into the car and start driving towards the falls. We followed these signs for 25 minutes, in hopes of finding Niagara Falls. Our plan was to follow these little blue signs until we stumbled upon a beautiful waterfall. Unfortunately, it didn't exactly turn out like that. These signs ended up being so far apart that we were convinced we were lost every time before we saw the next one. Luckily, we made it there in one piece and got free parking two blocks away.

I left my little "note for a stranger" at the base of a tree next to where we parked.

Excuse the photo quality of the above, they were taken with a camera phone over the summer. I had this little note in my purse with me for months waiting for the right place to leave it. Hopefully, somebody found it and it made them smile.

We got our photos taken in front of an overly touristy (is that even a word?) location. 

The falls were absolutely beautiful. It was completely free to go and ogle at them, too. The only cost we had was gas to get there. I highly recommend the trip. Its a perfect mini road trip to take with your best friend.

We tried walking to Canada on this bridge, but decided we liked the US of A better and turned around.

Best of all, I almost fed a squirrel! At the last second somebody let their dog come up and jump at the squirrel. When I looked up at her in shock, she giggled and said "OH MY GOSH THEY WERE SNIFFING EACH OTHER, HOW CUTE!". In reality, her dog jumped at my squirrel and ruined our little moment. Oh well. 

This little trip was exactly what I needed after a week of exams. It is also nice to know I can work on some of my goals even while I'm at school.

Are any of you completing anything you've wanted to do for a while?


  1. amanda rose, boo to the dog for ruining your squirrel moment. :P hooray to you for finishing your 40 things before 20. that's quite an accomplishment! :) i think touristy is definitely a word. i looked it up. ;) your niagara falls photos are lovely.

  2. This is SO COOL! I wish you could know who was going to find your note. That would be amazing. Awesome job!

    - Sarah

  3. What a fun trip! Glad to have found your blog <3

    Colour Me Classic

  4. It looks like so much fun! I love totally-tourist places!

  5. Aww, cute photos!! Love the idea of leaving a note behind for a stranger. I did this at the river one day. I brought colorful permanent markers and wrote little things on rocks. I hope someone found one of them! x


  6. Great post! What awesome things that you will remember for a lifetime. Niagra Falls is on my bucket list too and how cool would it be to find a note from a stranger!

  7. Cute photos! Loving the note! I need to try something like that!


  8. Love that note idea - how cool! Niagara Falls looks amazing - hope to get there one day.


  9. What a cool trip! It looks like you had so much fun, thanks for sharing all of your photos.

    And boo to that dogwalker. Some people are so rude!

  10. That's not the bridge to Canada. lol. ;) i think that's the one to Goat Island... I live 10 minutes from the falls ;)

    i'm in nursing school too! One year left!


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