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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


(This is a picture my friend sent me off her tea on the coaster I crocheted her and sent her in a care package. I think it looks so cozy.)

"i have decided i really like ordinary days,
having time to wash the dishes without distraction
time to think
while my hands do something they already know how to do.
i like days when there is no momentous news,
no event to plan and organize,
nothing urgent
off the radar bursting to be noticed or attended to."

Working On:
Trying to keep up with all of my school work. I had three exams in one week a few weeks ago, and I have three exams next week. I feel like I can never catch up with all the work and studying I have to do. 

Thinking About:
I have been thinking about how I am going to stay on campus over winter. They make it so difficult to stay over the winter break and I am trying to find any loop hole I can so that I can stay at school this winter and work.

I am anticipating the start of my new job today! I got a job as a resident aid at an assisted living facility and I start tonight. I'm hoping to be able to keep this job until a graduate. This is really important for me because it is an opportunity to gain experience in the health care field. I am so exacted and a little nervous to begin!

Listening To:
I have not had a lot of time to listen to music at all lately. I have really been loving "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes, though. It is my ringtone for when Alec calls and every time my phone rings I almost don't want to answer it just so I can listen to the song.

I have been eating lots of chex mix and soup lately. Those are definitely my two staples. I eat soup every day for lunch and dinner and chex mix is our go-to snack. Unfortunately, (and probably fortunately) Amy and I portioned the chex mix bag out into snack bags and it turns out a handful is a serving. Whoops.

Thankful For:
My friends, family and loved ones. A girl was murdered at my school this past weekend and it was really tragic. It really brings what is important in life into focus. Don't hold grudges, love your neighbor even if it is the hardest thing to do, and forgive even when someone doesn't say sorry. 

Planning For:
I am already planning for Christmas! I have fabrics picked out for a Christmas Quilt and am already ordering gifts for my friends and family. I love love love Christmas.

Thanks for checking out what I'm up to lately.
Let me know if you do your own currently by linking it in a comment!
Have a great day.


  1. what a terribly sad event (on your campus). i love what you have taken from it...you are so right about forgiving when someone doesn't say sorry. So important!
    On a brighter note, that coaster is so incredibly cool. You are such a talented one!
    Good luck with the next few exams you have coming up x

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say: Super cute crocheted coaster!

    Good luck at the new position!

  3. You should totally run your own coffee crawl! That would be awesome :D And if you do it for charity, like we did, it's an extra added bonus. Let me know if anything comes from that thought :P

    I hope you're doing ok after that happening on your campus. That's really dreadful and I'll be sure to keep her in my thoughts.

    Good luck with the new job! Rhi xx

    The Wildest of Dreams

  4. Congrats on the new gig!

    Also, I am working really hard at restraining myself from getting into Christmas just yet... I'm sure I will have lost the battle in a few weeks.


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