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Monday, January 21, 2013

12. Learn To Knit

I accomplished another one of my goals from my list of 40 things to do before I turn 20! If you have not seen the list yet or want to see what else I have left to do, just click on the link and check it out. 
I have been a crocheter for about 10 years now and have always wanted to learn how to knit. I went to one knitting class last winter and ended up frustrated and crocheting by the end of the lesson. Although it was challenging to learn, I finally got my knitting needles together and sat there until I figured it out. I began by trying to knit a pair of socks...which I failed at. Then, I figured i would start with an easier pattern. So, I began creating a square. I called it a dish cloth, but we have just been calling it my versatile, knitted square. I use it to wash the counters. I know I am no knitting genius, but I can no honestly say I know how to knit and pearl, and I have officially finished a knitting project.
Now all I need to do is learn how to make a Christmas stocking!


  1. Learning to knit is on my bucket list. Thanks for visiting the blog.

    Let's stay in touch.

    Xo Inna


  2. Good work! Such a world of possibilities with knitting.

  3. Learning to knit is one of my goals for this year! Maybe if I practice enough I can knit like an awesome sweater by next year. Haha we'll see! Congrats on finishing your knitting project! :)


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