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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Reflections and Resolutions

Hello everyone!  
I hope that everyone had a very wonderful Christmas with their loved ones. I could not wait to give everyone their gifts and I received far more than I could even wish for.

My mom made Alec his own stocking and surprised him with it this year. It is actually referred to jokingly now because it looks so much "worse" than the knitted ones we all have. My mother and I are trying to learn to knit together and this was her first major project. I think it looks great by itself, but when placed next to one of ours it looks way different. I still love it, though. It means more to me that he has one than It does to him, I'm sure of it.

It has been a very snowy holiday in New York since Christmas. We had a horrible storm where it took me 3 hours to make a 1.5 hour drive home from work. There has also been days blessed by peaceful snow fall, leaving my yard buried in feet of snow.

...and my car.

I was blessed with so many adorable kitchen ware this Christmas. My brother got me this precious little cheese grater that reminded him of me. Alec surprised me with a black, Kitchen Aid stand mixer! He is seriously the best boyfriend a girl could ask for. Now, all I need is my own kitchen to put it in. I got a Keurig from my parents, too. Like I said, I got way more than I could ever ask for.

My mom surprised me with this rolling pin from Antropologie (my all time favorite store). This color green is one of my favorite colors and I could spend all day in Antropologie oogling over their home goods. So, this ended up being one of my favorite gifts...some 19 year old I am!

I also got these utensils to add to my baking tote. 

Alec and I have been dating for two years and our "anniversary" was on New Years Eve. I got him this mug as an Anniversary gift because he always jokes that I nag him. So now, he can simply hold up his coffee mug and enjoy. 

We were both sick on the couch on New Years Eve, though. So, we rang in the New Years with the kitties at home.

I gave in and posted an Instagram pic. I got an Iphone 4 for Christmas for only $1 and am so glad to be back on Instagram. If you want to follow along, my Instagram name is "AmandaRos3".

Now for the Reflections and Resolutions jazz that was promised in the post title. 
Last year I posted my resolutions in this post.

Resolutions for 2012:

I. Get to my goal weight and stay there. I failed this one miserably. I'm going to try harder this year, though. I need to stop making excuses and start making results because lots of college girls balance work, school AND stay in shape. So, I can, too. Plus, If I can't get in shape now, how do I expect to do it later?

II. Make exercise part of my daily routine. I did do better at this one. I technically failed, though. I exercised more often, but not often enough.

III. Get a job in the medical field. Complete! I am currently a resident aid at an assisted living facility. 

IV. Continue to strengthen my relationship with Alec. Check! 2 years strong. 

V. Get an apartment so I can move off campus. Not yet. The school has a stupid "two year residency requirement" that forces me to live on campus for two years. I'm going to try to get one this Spring, though.

VI. Start volunteering. I have not volunteered at all this year.  I completely failed this one.

VII. Get A's in all of my classes. I got all A- in my classes, resulting in a 3.82 GPA so far.

Resolutions for 2013:
I. Get down to my goal weight and stay there.
II. Make exercise part of my daily routine, especially Yoga.
III. Strengthen my relationship with Alec.
IV. Strengthen my relationship with God.

What are your resolutions? 


  1. Hey Amanda!
    Happy New Year.
    2013. A great year so far.
    Your tree was stacked and the stocking was so cute. Your mom did a really good job for that to be her first project.
    You accomplished a majority of your goals with flying colors so I will tell you I am proud of you.
    In regards to exercise, I learned in Basic Combat Training that your diet as well as working out your whole body yields excellent results. We focus on target areas when our real focus should be whole body. Great resolutions for 2013. May you resolve them all.
    My resolution is to strengthen my relationship with God as well. I also want to work on restoring and strengthening relationships in my family. They are so important and people are dropping like flies of all ages so I'd like to make my interaction with others on earth as positive as possible.
    I wish NYC got the snow you got. I'm sorry about your car but it looks so pretty. :D

  2. Hey Amanda!
    Thanks for stopping by! Very nice blog you have here! I really like what you're making, your DIY ideas and all! I'll read a bit more now, I think!

  3. Hi, thanks for visiting me at my blog :) You live in NY?I love NY, i've been twice now and oh how i loved everything about it, love your little space here, i willl be back! :)

  4. What a great list of resolutions.

    I love kitchen gadgets and you hit the jackpot! You are truely blessed.

    Have a wonderful 2013.

  5. congretulation for your long list of resolutions !

  6. You're nominated for the liebster!!


    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
    Exercise Encouragement Group Blog

  7. thought i would check out your blog after you commented on mine and so glad i did! love it! looking forward to taking some crafting inspiration from here!

  8. Love your resolutions. Wishing you all the best for 2013!

  9. Those are great resolutions! Awesome.


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