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Sunday, February 24, 2013

February in a Nutshell

1. A constant reminder from my mother. 2. a hidden fortune inside my sweater. 3. A picture from date night at olive garden. 4.What the weather is usually like here. 5. The reason I'm a morning person. 6. Alec and I before dinner on Valentine's Day.

Hello, sweet people! I have been thinking about this blog constantly and wishing I had time to write...or something to write. If you know me at all, you know that I love this blog. I love reading other blogs, I love taking pictures for this blog...I just love blogging all around. Then I realized, I have not posted a single thing in all of February! Who am I becoming?  Sadly, I have no delicious recipes or charming D.I.Y.'s ready to post yet. I have a few on the back burner though that I will post soon, though. I do have a lot to say about what February has brought me. Sew, here goes.

Working On:
 Trying to get a 4.0. Last semester I had a 3.6 and was really disappointed in myself. This semester I'm trying my darnedest to get a 4.0 and get on the President's List at school. I've been studying for hours and hours each week. I've even gone through 5 white board markers and 2 highlighters in the past two weeks alone.

Thinking About:
How I really want spring to come. I am a sundress and sunshine girl. Spending my life in this freezing tundra of a college town is making me want Spring more than anything. I want flowers to be blooming, people to speed past on bicycles and to be able to wear dresses again.

An acceptance letter to the Nursing Program! I'm going to school in hopes of becoming a nurse. The first two years are spent doing prerequisites like Microbiology, Anatomy and Physiology, and Nutrition. Then, you apply to the program and spend two months wondering if you got in. There are over 200 people who apply and 70 spots. If I get accepted I will start clinicals next fall and spend the next two years learning how to actually be a nurse. If I don't get accepted, I cry and try to figure out where I'm going next. I'm supposed to find out at the end of March. I'm worried about silly things like what If my application didn't even get through the mail to the right place...or what if I filled out the application wrong. The suspense is killing me.

Listening To:
To be honest, I have barely been listening to any music lately. If I do listen to something it is just the country station on my way to work. 

Chicken noodle soup. Every single day, twice a day. I love soup and I have literally eaten chicken noodle soup for lunch and dinner for the last two weeks. The warm feeling it gives me is perfect for surviving these cold winter months. 

Thankful For:
My health. We are right in the midst of flu season here. The past two weeks at work have been insane. Half the residents and half the staff have the flu. I've been drinking my Emergen-C, getting as much sleep as I can and staying hydrated. I am really trying to avoid getting the flu, too. I guess the flu shot was only 6% effective against the strain of the flu this year. Which is good because I didn't get mine (whoops). 

Planning For:
I'm trying to not plan ahead right now. One of my downfalls is trying to plan my life away. I'm trying not to worry about where I'm going to live this summer or next year, what I'm going to do over spring break or what I'm going to do if I don't get accepted. I'm trying to be happy now, and not try to plan how to be happy later. This seems simple, I'm sure, but for me this is a huge challenge. Which is why I have to keep looking at that ornament my mom sent me. 
"The time to be happy is now."

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